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Find a Suitable Deal

Find a Suitable Deal

TruDeed Smart Screener matches you with suitable deals using our proprietary intelligent engine. It finds fixer-upper properties that are good bargains and presents them in a dashboard with key numbers. You only have to drill down into your most desirable deals to see their details without wasting time on non-viable ones.

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Analyze Detailed Financials

Sound profitability analysis leads to successful outcome. Our Deal Analyzer gives you the whole financial picture for every property selected. Better still, it lets you compare multiple financing options with different loan programs and down payments to understand their ROI impact

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Get Instant Access to ARV

TruDeed's Smart ARV Engine employs proven intelligent algorithms to find the comps and do the value adjustments for you. What's more, it can even pull additional comps from MLS data to fine tune your analysis. No other ARV tool on the market provides both these automated and self-service functions.

Estimate Rehab Costs.png

Estimate Rehab Costs

Our Smart Rehab gives you a high-level estimate of rehab costs for every deal based on current market data. In addition, it provides an item-level calculator to let you figure out each projects cost in detail. And if that doesn't do it, TruDeed can deploy a contractor from our partner network directly to your to the site to give you an the most accurate quote. This unique combination of technology and service from TruDeed takes away the biggest pain in fixer-upper investment.