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Screen Deals

TruDeed Smart Screener matches you with suitable deals, presents them in a dashboard with key numbers, and allows you to drill down into specific deal details.


Analyze Financials

Our Deal Analyzer can get to work for you, giving you complete analysis in fewer than five minutes. You’ll also gain access to our Smart ARV tools that can pull comps without you needing access to MLS.


Make An Offer

Make a decision faster than ever with all the facts on hand

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Posting as Easy as 1-2-3

Uploading your property deal takes just a few clicks and a simple verification process to ensure all your financials are in order. Once we’ve confirmed, your listing will appear online and be available for thousands of investors to check out.


Instant Alerts

Instant alert our buyers when your property is posted


Easy Close

TruDeed offers a simple, effective closing process for pre-qualified buyers to make selling your property a snap!